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GS-LCR600 요약정보 및 구매

100 kHz High Precision LCR Meter

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  • GS-LCR600


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상품 정보

상품 기본설명

100 kHz High Precision LCR Meter

상품 상세설명

Measures: Ls, Lp, Cs, Cp, Rs, Rp, D, Q,ESR, EPR, Z, Θ, DCRFrequency range: 100 Hz to 100 kHzAuto rangeAuto detectSorting functionOpen circuit compensationShort circuit compensationBasic accuracy of 0.3%Two displaysDisplay hold




The LCR-600 is a high precision test instrument used for measuring the inductance (L), capacitance (C), and resistance (R) of an electrical component.

The LCR-600 has an operational frequency range of 100 Hz to 100 kHz and a basic measurement accuracy of 0.3%. There is a dual LCD display, measurement voltage fixed at 0.6 V, auto-detect function, and open-circuit /short-circuit compensation.

Use the meter to check ESR values of capacitors and inductors, sort and select components, identify unknown components, and measure general LCR values



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